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The Heritage offers an Independent Lifestyle for Seniors 55 plus.  Relax and enjoy your days with activities with new friends, or spend quiet, peaceful time with loved ones and family in our beautiful serene surroundings. At the Heritage you will have the comfort and security you deserve. We are the perfect choice for senior apartment living Walworth County.

The Heritage is a very unique property.  It was built in 1997 and the building was opened in July 1998. The Heritage is owned by the Kiwanis Heritage, Inc. and was established by the Kiwanis Club of Greater East Troy with the mission of planning, constructing and operating affordable, quality Senior Citizen Housing Developments.  They are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for residents and providing quality, caring management services.  The Kiwanis Club meets at The Heritage monthly and is very involved in making sure they are providing a clean, safe environment for all the residents.  The Heritage offers residents the best of both worlds…worry-free, luxury apartment living, onsite amenities and interesting programming, along with convenient access to shopping, dining and entertainment.

relaxing, independent lifestyle

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a note from Mary Ann Glowinski
your property manager

Not many managers can say they love their job! I am one of the lucky ones. I have been with The Heritage for 19 years and it has been an amazing adventure. I enjoy keeping my residents happy, busy and informed about the upcoming events that may effect them. The Heritage first opened in 1998 our average age of our resident was in their 80’s. I still have 4 of our original residents. My residents are our best advertising.

Everyone is happy and loves their home. We are like one large family. We have a nice waiting list and usually are able to turn an apartment over quickly and not lose any income. I enjoy working with the residents and their family when they move in and move out. We are at 100% occupancy for quite some time now.

I do a weekly newsletter and a monthly calendar for the residents. We are lucky that East Troy is a great community to live in. The Heritage is a Non Profit Building. When we first opened we did not have a Beauty Shop onsite and I would watch our ladies leave on those cold snowy days to the beauty shop. I had in my future plan to someday put in a Beauty/Barber shop. With no money in the budget and the help of this wonderful lady we were able to open a Beauty/Barber Shop on site. We also had a fundraiser to purchase a van so we could at least take our residents shopping and on some fun trips. With the help of my family and our wonderful maintenance man and residents we were able to pull it off. Within one year of our event, our van was fully paid for. We also did many golf outings and were able to put in a side walk to our gardens. My family asked what I wanted for my birthday one year and I asked for a sidewalk between the Heritage and the Church next door so our residents did not have to walk on the highway to go to the nursing home. The church was willing to work with us and let us put a sidewalk in.

I work with the Walworth County Housing Authority and all of the Senior Benefits programs. The schools in our community are great! Our residents enjoy all of their visits. Pen Pals, Senior Prom, Concerts and much more! The Heritage Board is very involved in making sure our building is a safe and secure place for our residents. They are always looking into the future and making improvements. They always put on a wonderful Christmas party as a Thank You to our residents. We do all of our monthly emergency testing, yearly dryer vent cleaning and yearly window washing. The Heritage has done a huge landscape project and our property is just beautiful. No matter what the season you will enjoy our beautiful decorations. We manage to celebrate every holiday possible. The residents enjoy all the wonderful treats they receive throughout the year. We have a huge list of all the updates we have done in the resident’s apartments. Our common area is a work in progress. We have redone our first floor and brought everything up to date. New carpet, furniture and light fixtures. We have freshly painted all the floors and our next step is to change the carpeting on the 2nd. & 3rd. floors. Monthly pest control throughout the building as well as a yearly Bed Bug Check. I like to be proactive! (One wing a month until completed.) We work with We Energies to come thru our building and make suggestion to save energy. We changed all our outside and some inside lights to LED. We also had changed all our tenants’ kitchen lights to LED to help them save money too.

Our goal is to get all of our work orders completed quickly.  We have a great big Red Book in the office with all the records for The Heritage. We keep up with our advertising even though we are full at this time.  We do market studies to make sure we are providing our residents with everything possible for our community.  Oakbrook is our management company and we meet on a monthly basis and go thru our financial. It has been a pleasure working with this company.  They provide us with all the courses we need to keep up our education.  I have 2 to 3 residents meeting a year to make sure everyone understands our emergency procedures and update any information they may need.  

Come on over and visit. I am sure you will see and hear how much our residents enjoy living at The Heritage. Jeff and I are the only 2 employees working at The Heritage and we sure are a great team. He has an amazing personality and is always ready for my new crazy ideas. Jeff & I put our residents first and we want to make sure they are happy and feel secure!

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